Guide to post video on your Myspace profile

To Enable video playback in your Myspace profile could make your Myspace profile cool. In this simple guide, we will show you how easy it is to post video files on your Myspace profile.

First of all, let's have a look on the video enabled Myspace profile:

Video Playback Enabled Myspace Profile

Step 1. Open FLV File with Any FLV Player.

Step 2. Select menu "Publish" and submenu "Publish for web", a publish options dialog will be shown, you can leave the default setting and press "OK".

Step 3. After you clicking "OK", Any FLV Player will create three files on your output folder: One FLV file, one player.swf and flvplayer.html. Open flvplayer.html with your web browser, you should be able to play the video files on your own PC.

Step 4. Upload the .FLV and .SWF file to your web server.

Step 5. In the flvplayer.html page, you can see a HTML code, please copy and paste the following section into your Myspace profile editor:

You should change the .FLV URL to your own URL. and change the "Width" and "Height" parameters if they are not default 320x240.

Step 6. Save your Myspace profile.

That's all. Now you can view your profile and the video files should be able to play on your Myspace profile.

If any questions regarding this guide, please post your questions here.

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