How to convert iTunes protected AAC to MP3?

Sometimes you want to add background music to your video files before posting to the web, and you have purchased lots of music from iTunes online store, you want to use these music for your video files. In this guide, you will know how to convert the itunes music files to MP3, then you can add the mp3 as background music in your video editing software.

First of all, please download a m4p to mp3 converter software, we recommend you check this website to download "TuneClone".

Tuneclone have both Windows version and Mac OS version to convert m4p to mp3, we will show below how to use the Mac OS X version.

After downloading TuneClone, just run it. you will see the screeen below, it will install a virtual CD to convert the iTunes protected aac file.

M4p to MP3 - TuneClone Screenshot

After installing TuneClone, open your iTunes, and burn your playlist to TuneClone's virtual CD, then you can get your music files converted.Then you can use the MP3 files for your video background.

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